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Celeste Coucke is an award winning artist who works predominantly in the field of public arts. She engages in place making projects, based on strong public consultation and collaboration. Whilst ceramics is her principal medium, she also works with timber, steel and stone on projects that have engaged thousands of people around NSW. Her current practice balances public art projects, private commissions and exhibition works .

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+61 0458511611

6 thoughts on “Celeste Coucke

  1. Played hard, done good. Stay on your feet and make sure you go into all tackles shoulder first. Tackles first, ask questions later.

  2. Just as the great Kahlil said, your chidren are arrows shot from your bow, you just steady their trajectory,.. these kids will remember your steady hand. Good on You !

  3. Thank you Celeste for sharing your soul with those of us fortunate enough to have read Bryce Courtney’s book April Fool’s Day. I finished this enlightening book less than an hour ago and was deeply moved.

    Your account of Damon’s healthcare journey demonstrates the power love has over diseases of the body, mind and healthcare system. Your courage is an inspiration!

    With sincere gratitude,

    1. Dear Rob,

      Thank you for your kind words. Damon was such a remarkable man. He continues to walk with me each day and gives me inspiration and trust in life, whatever it may bring. Your response to the story that Bryce wrote, as well as the sentiments of so many other readers over the last 26 years, make sense of that dark period of suffering and sadness. Damon would be deeply happy if he could know the gift his story has given and continues to give. Love -and forgiveness- really is what life is about.

      Carpe Diem,


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