Bee Aware: Environmental Art Workshop

Presented by Megan Halcroft (PhD), Ana Pollak and Celeste Coucke.

The ‘Bee Aware’ Project combines the ecological needs of native bees with the creative stimulation of art making. The workshop will not only offer a fascinating peek into the lives and ecological importance of native bees but will also give participants the satisfaction of making sculptural works that will be placed into a public place.


The notion of “Bee Hotels” is not new. A “Google” search  will reveal many projects that aim to create a safe habitat for our native bees. Most of these projects involve stuffing boxes with appropriate substrate for the bees to nest within.

This “Bee Hotel” workshop is unique. With bee expert Megan Halcroft (PhD), artists Ana Pollak and myself lead a project which intersects art and ecology.

Over five days in February, Ana Pollak and I researched and designed visually interesting sculptural forms which will contain and protect bee habitat. Elements of these “Bee Bells” will be made with community assistance at the “Bee Aware” workshop on Saturday May 21st.

First sketches of two of the “Bee Bells”drawn by Ana and Celeste 










Ana plays with Xanthorea spikes that will form native bee habitat; once happy with the scale of the chalk drawing we proceeded to scale drawings on paper.  











Megan Halcroft (PhD), native bee specialist, begins the workshop with a fascinating talk about the various species of native bees and how we can assist with providing them with the a suitable habitat to help them thrive. From there, Ana and I will guide workshop participants in shaping paper clay and recycled copper into leaf forms that will clad three unique sculpted bee habitats.

Maquette of the copper clad “Bee Bell”; copper shim and terracotta paper clay will be shaped by workshop participants and will form the protective cladding of the ” bee bells”




Bee Aware Environmental Art Workshop
WHEN: Saturday 21st May 8.30 to 5pm
VENUE: Wollondilly Community Nursery, Wonga Rd Picton
COST: $10 per participant
To book, visit:
For further information email or phone 4823 4407

Interested in native bees? Follow Megan Halcroft’s Facebook pages:


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