Bald Hill Redevelopment Wins National Award

As project artist on a significant redevelopment of this iconic Illawarra Site, I was commissioned to design and deliver two pavements celebrating the work of pioneering inventor Lawrence Hargrave.

Commissioned by Wollongong City Council and in collaboration with council’s landscape architects Felicity Skoberne and Andy Goldie, The Bald Hill redevelopment won an Australian Institute of landscape Architects Award for Excellence in 2018.

The large scale of the Box Hill piazza makes it visible from the air, extending a visual dialogue to those soaring above in machines that owe their existence to the revolutionary kites that first flew from this unique site.

The Lawrence Hargrave Heritage Monument has been enhanced and updated with a new circular pavement and all- access pathway.

In keeping with the Art Deco monument, the new pavement is made from terrazzo and hand made black and white hand made mosaic.
Detail of the mosaic and hand engraved narrative tiles. The images are based on Hargrave’s drawings of his most important inventions. The quote that frames the mosaic pavement is by Edmund Barton.

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